Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage


Broken bones heal and bruises fade, but what if he convinces you that it’s not even abuse because he hasn’t put you in the hospital? What if he makes you believe that it’s your fault that he’s thrown you across the room or backhanded you across the face?

Do you believe him when he says it’s not really bad enough to be abuse?

Domestic violence manifests itself in different ways but most women who walk into the trap don’t recognize any of the signs. This is my deeply personal story sharing my journey of increasing mental and verbal abuse, my struggle to fix and control my life through binging and purging, and confronting the fear that he would make good on his promise to take our son or kill me if I tried to leave.

Then there was a witness and the silence ended.
Little by little a plan to stay safe and eventually get away began to emerge. Then the plan became so enticing to him that it would cause him to choose.
But could I really get away with it? Could I save my son from the “sins of the father”?
Could I stop the cycle of mental and emotional abuse that was crippling me?
God alone held the answer.

I could not see the pieces of my soul breaking from the verbal, mental and emotional abuse, and I believed it was my fault, convinced that it was something I said or did. But ultimately I found hope and my honesty again.

If you are a woman trapped in an abusive relationship, release is possible. With tenacious determination, you can break the cycle of codependency and control!


2 Responses to Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage

  1. leamuse says:

    Ah, a theme I know too well. It has spilled over into some of my poetry. My degrees are in Psychology and I have worked for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence agencies and in Child Protection. Then there was the personal side of it…
    Thank you for following both my blogs. I hope you will continue to enjoy the posts. If you go back in the posts you will understand where this comes from. Léa

  2. Shari Risoff says:

    Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading your posts.

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