Two years ago my book Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage was released and I stood up in front of the whole world and told the story of my painful past and amazing grace that rescued me from it.

This coming week, the Kindle version of the book is available for 99 cents… beginning 11/8 through Saturday 11/14. And if you buy the paperback version, you can always get the Kindle for 99 cents.

I don’t do a great job of ‘promoting’ my own book, so here is an Amazon review – (from someone I don’t know):

Gripping True Story

By Amazon Customer on April 13, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

In a way I am in no condition to write this review because I am so overwhelmed, having just read Shari Risoff’s bravely-written account. I had no plans to read the book in one sitting, but I simply could not put it down. Reading this painfully honest and ultimately redemptive story was like sitting with a close friend and hearing this harrowing ordeal first hand. My heart absolutely broke for Shari and her son as they endured all they did. And how heartening to read how they came to find release. This is a must-read for those in the midst of abusive relationships, and for all in dire need of rescue, hope, and grace.

You can get it on Amazon this week for 99 cents


Father’s Day is Sunday

So neither one of my books is specifically about Father’s Day or specifically written to fathers.

Unless perhaps your father is unemployed and needs a gift of hope and help.

Unless perhaps your father is the one being abused and needs truth and a gift of hope.

Both books are specifically about hope, the Truth and transforming lives.

Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage

Accidental Sabbatical: Hope for Surviving and Thriving While Unemployed

The Kindle version of either book will be offered for 99 cents, beginning on Sunday June 21st through Sat. June 27th.

In case you want to give some hope…

Holiday 30% discount for paperback/audiobooks on Amazon – ends today 12/1!

Released & Accidental Sabbatical paperback versions are available with a 30% discount today!

Available on Amazon through tonight, 12/1/2014:

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Will It Matter?

Where does time go? Not only in a month, or week, but each day?

Each day I have something to do. Some things that must be done whether I want to or not; other things that I really want to do. And always I am hopeful that I am doing something meaningful, that what I’m working on is going to matter in someone’s life; that what I’ve written will help someone.

I ask myself every day: “What am I going to do today that will matter in five years?”

It helps me focus on today. So where does the time go?

As I read a Facebook post today by the Bethany House Abuse Shelter, I realized again that for some women the days and weeks and months, even years all remain the same. Until they don’t.  Until they get free. Or until the abusive man they are with takes their life.

Bethany House Abuse Shelter in KY posted this sobering story of Monica Helton Wells being brutally murdered by her boyfriend on October 15th, and more domestic violence ending in four additional fatalities in the following week in their community.

On one hand when I read stories like that, I feel so blessed that the Lord helped me to escape and to share my story of release from an abusive marriage. Yet, on the other hand, I feel sad that I couldn’t give a book to each one of those women and help them to make a personal decision to get away.

But that’s the point. I can’t ‘make’ a woman who is enduring abuse do anything to get free. No one else can. She has to make the decision and then take action on her decision. All I can do is share and pray. And pray some more.

Whenever I wonder why I am in this season to write and share and more importantly, to pray, something like this comes along to remind me and help me focus with new strength.

Will you pray with me? Not only for women who are victims of domestic violence, but for renewed focus and strength in whatever season you are in and whatever you are doing that will matter for eternity.


What Domestic Violence Looks Like?

The Washington Post just ran an editorial entitled “What Domestic Violence Looks Like”.

Their article is written about the one video depicting one example of what a battered girlfriend or wife can go through with an abusive husband… in this case it is in the news because that particular husband is a well-known NFL player.

Most battered women are not fortunate enough to be around a video camera when it happens, nor are they married to someone famous enough to make the news. 

I wasn’t.

Sometimes domestic violence looks less like a knock-out punch and more like standing terrified in a corner while furniture is being thrown around the room.

And like the woman in the video, we almost always think it is our fault.

I always did.

Did you see yourself in that video? Or someone you know?

In my story, Released, I show another picture of what domestic violence can also look like… not where you’re ‘knocked out cold’ and dragged out of an elevator. But where your soul has been knocked out little by little with every bruise and tear.

And by the grace of God, I got help, and got free. Ultimately I found hope and my honesty again. 

If you are trapped in domestic violence, please read my book… maybe you will see a picture that you recognize in your own life and realize that you too can get free.



Release toxins.

Release frustration.

Release words.

Release hope.

Releasing is setting free – a freeing exercise on many levels. It opens up space in my brain when I release the grip of frustration, because I am the one allowing it. When I absorb toxins from the behavior of other people, they are not bothered by it, I am. So I consciously release that toxic input from my brain.

As I write, I am releasing words long stored in me. Thankfully I have many vehicles for that release – too many sometimes. But the overriding goal in my words is to release hope. To bring glory to the Almighty God who gives me life… who has given me this season of writing… who has given me a part to play in HIS story. Sometimes the script is just for me, other times it is released for the world to see.

What will you release today?


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Themes in the puzzle.

The cover seems to be pulling back and I am beginning to see what is beneath it. Even as I see the themes revealing themselves, the picture is becoming clear, like a jigsaw puzzle where finally some of the pieces fit together.

This week the themes have included better health; new people, potential friends, colleagues or clients. Then a friend invested an afternoon over coffee, to tell me how I had also written her story in my book and that she had felt release with it.

Stakeholder Theory and Conscious Capitalism, being taught in the New Models of Business in Society class (on where Dr. Freeman assures us that companies care about ‘purpose, not profits’. Next week he has asked us to think about how we could implement these ideals by starting a company or as employees.

Simultaneously, in my other Coursera class, Irrational Behavior, Dr. Ariely teaches this week that everyone lies. Everyone. And that we make our decisions based on emotion, whether or not we realize it. But that with this knowledge, we can improve our decision-making and better assess risk.

All week I have been pondering on Jodie Llewellyn’s blog on Building a Writer’s Platform as I have been trying to figure out my platform for weeks now. In the same way that Dr. Freeman teaches to drill down to your business purpose, my writing is my business now, and my purpose is the same as it was in the corporate world. To help people and solve problems.

In business, while managing customer relationships, I helped people solve problems, and find solutions.

Now as I write, in my first book, Released, my prayer is that I help women or men who are in abusive relationships to find answers and hope and release.

My new book-in-progress, Accidental Sabbatical, provides hope, help, resources, for men and women, seeking to survive and thrive while unemployed.

For many years now at the end of each Friday, I have emailed my boss with the week’s activity and my numbers. It was always about the numbers. So as the boss of me now, here is my report to me at the end of this week.

The pieces are coming together. Purpose. Platform. Problem-solving. Providing Solutions, Producing Results.

One Good Man

We are kindred spirits! I would love to share my book with you.

Clothed with Joy


Once I was naïve.

I thought I could tell if a man were good or bad, kind or mean.

But I was wrong.

I learned the hard way that a man is not always who he portrays himself to be. I learned the hard way that he could hit and slap, kick and shove, beat and rape, subject you to public humiliations and break your heart.

I learned the hard way that the one person in the entire world who is meant to love and protect you is the one person in the whole world that you need protection from.

Recently I was invited to the 60th birthday celebration of a dear family friend, a man I have known my whole life, a man I admire and respect. You know who you are. We were told, no gifts, just a card. As I sat to write my hand and…

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Final day: 99 cent promotion – Released.

Today is the final day for the special 99 cent Kindle sale on my book:
Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage.

Readers have said:
“It is a quick read. Not a lot of gory details.”
“A true testimony of being released from pain and abuse.”
“I hope any woman who is dealing with abuse and is questioning whether she can get away and make it on her own will read it and be inspired.”