Five Minute Friday: BECAUSE

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,

Because He lives, all fear is gone;

Because I know He holds the future

And live is worth the living, just because He lives!

Because He Lives is one of my favorite old worship songs ever!

For several years now, I have signed my Christmas cards and other personal notes, “Because of Him”, because everything that I am is exactly that – because of Jesus.

Because of Him.

I am forgiven and will spend eternity with Him.

I am loved and safe and where He wants me to be.

Everything in my life is because of what Jesus did for me.

That is the most important ‘because’ in my life.

How do you finish that sentence? Because…


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Five Minute Friday: HOLD

“Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life, and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say, ‘I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.'” 

~ Ann Landers 

Hold your head high.

Hold on!

Some days it feels like I’m holding on for dear life; other days it feels like fear is holding on to me. But I make the conscious choice to decide that the troubles will not capture or defeat me.

I’m not going to write about those troubles or give them any publicity!

Instead I’m going to hold them hostage and force them to listen to my blessings:

I am blessed to be a child of the Almighty God.

I am blessed to be able to love and be loved.

I am blessed to have daily bread.

I am blessed to be able to hold on, regardless of the troubles, because I believe that God has it all under control even when I know that I do not.

I choose to hold onto faith rather than fear.

How about you? What are you holding onto?


Kate Motaung is the amazing host of the Five-Minute Friday community.

Join us here for the #FMFparty where we write without editing for 5 minutes.

Five-Minute Friday: READY

Ready. Set. Go.

Are you ready?

Ready for the day. Ready for the challenge. Ready for the unknown?

Part of me gets very excited at the thought. The other part of me, not so much.

So I think I know what today will bring… a 2-mile walk in a few minutes… some writing… some sales work… and then the weekend! I am definitely ready for a weekend!

But more importantly than all that, is my lamp lit and am I ready if today were to be my last day on earth?

Yes. Yes, I am ready for that!

I am ready to see Jesus face to face.

I am ready to meet my maker.

I am definitely ready to be done with this painful, sinful, temporary world.

Rick Warren said recently that we should not make a bucket list of things we want to DO but instead, of what we want to BE.

For me the first thing on that list is to BE ready.

How about you?


Kate Motaung is the amazing host of the Five-Minute Friday community.

Join us here for the #FMFparty where we write without editing for 5 minutes.

What Domestic Violence Looks Like?

The Washington Post just ran an editorial entitled “What Domestic Violence Looks Like”.

Their article is written about the one video depicting one example of what a battered girlfriend or wife can go through with an abusive husband… in this case it is in the news because that particular husband is a well-known NFL player.

Most battered women are not fortunate enough to be around a video camera when it happens, nor are they married to someone famous enough to make the news. 

I wasn’t.

Sometimes domestic violence looks less like a knock-out punch and more like standing terrified in a corner while furniture is being thrown around the room.

And like the woman in the video, we almost always think it is our fault.

I always did.

Did you see yourself in that video? Or someone you know?

In my story, Released, I show another picture of what domestic violence can also look like… not where you’re ‘knocked out cold’ and dragged out of an elevator. But where your soul has been knocked out little by little with every bruise and tear.

And by the grace of God, I got help, and got free. Ultimately I found hope and my honesty again. 

If you are trapped in domestic violence, please read my book… maybe you will see a picture that you recognize in your own life and realize that you too can get free.


Five-Minute Friday: Whisper

I don’t want to whisper today. I want to scream. There is no one here to hear me either way, so it wouldn’t really matter. But the person I talk to on these quiet alone days is God, and I could calmly and sweetly whisper my prayer, but I don’t want to. I want to scream it!

Hello God… 

Are you up there?

Are you listening?

Why aren’t you helping me?

Why are all these problems still unsolved?

Why, why, why.


Maybe if I would be quiet, I would hear Him whisper… maybe something like this.


Yes, Shari, I’m here.

Yes, I’m listening.

I really am helping you even if you don’t see it yet.

Unsolved? Maybe they’re not going to be solved. Anytime soon anyway.

Maybe those problems are to get you to turn to me because you know in your heart and soul that I’ve got it, and that I’ll solve them all in my time. You know I could do it now, in a heartbeat, if that’s how I had it planned.

You won’t know all the whys until we meet face to face.

And even as I write that, I know I don’t need to stress. I know that I am just to show up and do what He’s given me to do every day. And He will handle the rest.


Kate Motaung is the amazing host of the Five-Minute Friday community.

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