Five Minute Friday: Begin

Where do I begin?

Each day begins with a new promise, that no matter what happened yesterday, or last week, or last month, today we can begin again. We can do something today that will matter in 5 years, or for eternity. We can begin to change something. We have the ability to begin something new.

Every day.

This has been a tough week, stewing over things I cannot ‘fix’, recovering from the physical and emotional challenges of the month of July. Dealing with broken Internet and cable services that AT&T cannot seem to fix permanently. I like to think I’m troubleshooting things, but that would imply that I have the ability to fix it, and sadly I do not.

So today I choose to begin again with hope and joy, fortifying my spirit with wisdom from Psalm 119 and John 10 and Philippians 4:4, and I resolve to rejoice and to choose joy and to begin today anew with love.

What will you begin today?



Today is Lisa-Jo Baker’s last Friday to host where we write intensely for 5 minutes. Beginning next Friday, 8/8, Kate Motaung will host.

Find us/Join us here: Five Minute Friday. #FMFparty

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