Five Minute Friday: Belong

Belong. The sense that you feel a part of something, somewhere, some group. Several of us discussed this very subject yesterday in the context of being without a job and feeling the loss of belonging somewhere.

You have a badge or a key that lets you in the door. You have an employee number assigned to you. You are part of the family of the company, no matter how dysfunctional a family it is – you belong to it.

So when that is gone, where do you belong?

If the definition of belong is to FIT somewhere… what causes you to feel that you belong? Is it a feeling of being accepted? Of being liked?

I have more questions than answers about this word. In a lifetime of moving and environment disruption, for me it is less about a job than it is about the location of that job.

What makes you feel like you belong?

I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker every Friday and we write intensely for 5 minutes.
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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Belong

  1. I’m glad you were the post right before me on Five Minute Friday! I can relate to those five minute words. After almost 30 years in banking, the industry changed and I found myself feeling as though I didn’t belong in a place I for sure thought had saturated my DNA. I survived. Love the title of your book “Accidental Sabbatical” as I experienced it! Of course, our Amazing Grace God had a major plan and that plan required moving on. Now I work in ministry, but utilize much of what He taught me in the place I no longer belonged. I belong to Him and He to me. Thanks for the great share!

    1. Thank you Doris! I continue to be amazed as I see God’s hand in my accidental sabbatical as I watch how He reveals this new assignment. Day by day. It is definitely a joy to belong to Him and to work for His purpose. Glad you joined the FMF party and that I found your blog.

  2. Feeling like you belong should be a stipulation for working anywhere. Employee numbers and student numbers are all fair game. Shared passions—like writing or illustration—are rare but can seal the sense of belonging with bulletproof wax.

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