Lessons Learned.

This has been a week of lessons learned the hard way for me. So here is today’s:

Warning for anyone doing business with Verizon Wireless, in my case specifically on Main St. in Fuquay Varina, NC, but perhaps this happens elsewhere in their stores:

For several weeks now the GPS in my Samsung III phone has been defective, losing signal every few blocks, invariably when I am lost… so I have insurance on the phone and thought I’d exchange it for a phone that works.

The young man, Bert, who assisted us, upon hearing what the problem was and that we had the insurance, took the phone and excused himself to the back office for 5 or so minutes. When he returned to us, he informed us that if we turned in the phone on insurance they would charge us for a new one since there was DAMAGE FROM LIQUID in the phone.

Given that the phone has NEVER had any contact with any liquid in the year I have had it, we were shocked and at that point he proceeded to remove the rubber cover (which has never been removed) and the back of the phone and pull out the battery and show us that the little ‘x’s’ were missing in the pink section which indicated that water had gotten into the battery. We left the store with the defective phone.

It did not occur to us until we were discussing it over dinner to wonder what had he done with the phone when he took it in the back of the store? He gave no explanation.

If all he did was check the battery in the back room, why could he not have done that in front of us initially?

I have no way to prove whether or not he personally put liquid on the phone itself; nor would they be able to prove that he did not. All I do know for sure is that I can guarantee that to my knowledge there has never been liquid of any sort touch that phone, yet apparently the insurance we purchased is essentially worthless.

Lessons learned.

If you have any ideas about what might solve the defective GPS issue, or any other corrective action I could take either with the phone or Verizon, I would appreciate your input.


About Shari Risoff

Shari Risoff is an author, editor and consultant based in Raleigh, NC, USA. She studied business and spent years building client relationships in the corporate world and is passionate about communicating. She is the author of two books, Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage and Accidental Sabbatical. She began to consult and write full time during her own accidental sabbatical. She writes, and edits books for other authors, as well as helping small business owners with infrastructure or communication or projects of many kinds. She is devoted to her husband Stephen. When she is not working on her new book, or hanging out with Stephen, she is reading books or studying human behavior. Readers or writers in need of an editor can get in touch via email: projectmavens @ risoff.com or follow her on Twitter @ShariRisoff.
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4 Responses to Lessons Learned.

  1. mincs1 says:

    So sorry to hear about your experience! Sad that we can’t trust people!!

  2. Shari Risoff says:

    Thanks. I still want to believe the best in people despite the ones that prove otherwise. Liked your ‘in a funk’ post – I think it’s going around this week! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Dale says:

    There are dishonest people in pretty much every domain. As you said, lesson learned. You will never again allow them to “take it out back” to take a look! I feel your pain!

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