5 Minute Friday: Loss

We lost our jobs. That means we lost our paychecks.

Some have subsequently lost houses, lost sanity, lost freedoms.

To stay afloat, we have lost privileges that we might have thought were rights. Luxuries too easily defined as ‘needs’ when we don’t have to think about giving something up to pay for it.

Those losses all hurt.

Opportunity cost it’s called. Example? To have the opportunity to send sympathy flowers to a friend who lost his wife, means we give something up. Groceries? The rare dinner out?

But with loss can also come gain – or a positive loss, shall we say.

Loss of stress. Loss of angst over corporate politics.

Loss of time-saving surcharges.

Loss of worry over when to fit ‘life’ into work life, how to find what is laughingly called ‘work-life balance’.

Loss of stress cannot be measured in terms of dollars.

Sometimes a loss is actually a positive.

What have you thought of as a loss that you can turn into a positive?


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Page 7, line 7, 7

I was tagged by Mishka of A Writer’s Life for Me to participate…

The Rules:
Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.
Go to line 7
Post on your blog the next 7 sentences or 7 lines —as they are!
Tag 7 people and do the same.
You can choose between page 7 or 77.

OK, from my WIP: page 7, Line 7, 7 sentences:

They called them ‘the suits’ even though they wore crisp polo shirts and dress slacks, and the inevitable black perfectly polished shoes. Becca slipped past the three men standing outside of Ted’s small office, less than 10 feet from her cube. One more stood inside of his office and Ted’s white face and slightly open mouth were the only clues to the conversation content. Was he being terminated? Was one of their team going to be? Whatever it was, she knew it wasn’t good. Then they all walked down the short aisle to the big boss’s office, and John ushered them inside and shut the door.

So there is my unedited teaser from my current project, working title, The P.I.P. This one is fiction… which of course means it is based on non-fiction with the ending that should have been. 🙂

Tagging 7 people:

YOU – yes, I tag you if you are reading this post.

Meanders of the Mind

Jodie Llewellyn

Allan Walsh

Raising Angels

Entertaining Stories

A Novel Journey

I am not sure this exercise was intended to be for you all… I really think it was for me – to nudge me farther away from the perfectionism demon and to get more words flowing.

As I read this morning in Bruce Van Horn’s post, “You don’t need to be perfect to inspire people!”: via

Let’s go inspire!











Release toxins.

Release frustration.

Release words.

Release hope.

Releasing is setting free – a freeing exercise on many levels. It opens up space in my brain when I release the grip of frustration, because I am the one allowing it. When I absorb toxins from the behavior of other people, they are not bothered by it, I am. So I consciously release that toxic input from my brain.

As I write, I am releasing words long stored in me. Thankfully I have many vehicles for that release – too many sometimes. But the overriding goal in my words is to release hope. To bring glory to the Almighty God who gives me life… who has given me this season of writing… who has given me a part to play in HIS story. Sometimes the script is just for me, other times it is released for the world to see.

What will you release today?


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Lessons Learned.

This has been a week of lessons learned the hard way for me. So here is today’s:

Warning for anyone doing business with Verizon Wireless, in my case specifically on Main St. in Fuquay Varina, NC, but perhaps this happens elsewhere in their stores:

For several weeks now the GPS in my Samsung III phone has been defective, losing signal every few blocks, invariably when I am lost… so I have insurance on the phone and thought I’d exchange it for a phone that works.

The young man, Bert, who assisted us, upon hearing what the problem was and that we had the insurance, took the phone and excused himself to the back office for 5 or so minutes. When he returned to us, he informed us that if we turned in the phone on insurance they would charge us for a new one since there was DAMAGE FROM LIQUID in the phone.

Given that the phone has NEVER had any contact with any liquid in the year I have had it, we were shocked and at that point he proceeded to remove the rubber cover (which has never been removed) and the back of the phone and pull out the battery and show us that the little ‘x’s’ were missing in the pink section which indicated that water had gotten into the battery. We left the store with the defective phone.

It did not occur to us until we were discussing it over dinner to wonder what had he done with the phone when he took it in the back of the store? He gave no explanation.

If all he did was check the battery in the back room, why could he not have done that in front of us initially?

I have no way to prove whether or not he personally put liquid on the phone itself; nor would they be able to prove that he did not. All I do know for sure is that I can guarantee that to my knowledge there has never been liquid of any sort touch that phone, yet apparently the insurance we purchased is essentially worthless.

Lessons learned.

If you have any ideas about what might solve the defective GPS issue, or any other corrective action I could take either with the phone or Verizon, I would appreciate your input.


5 Minute Friday: Messenger


Am I being an effective messenger in my writing?

Am I getting the message across that I want to be communicating in my writing?

I’m thankful that Lisa-Jo Baker shared the message from Elizabeth Gilbert today in her post because I needed the message that writing is about the craft and not being bleeding edge. Just keep doing it…every day getting better. That’s the goal. Write something every day.

Even if you are not writing, you will be a verbal messenger today.

What message are you sharing today?


I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker every Friday and we write intensely for 5 minutes. Find us/Join us here: Five Minute Friday.

5 Minute Friday: Hands

So what does it really mean when I say I am leaving something in God’s hands? Does it mean I am trusting Him to take care of things? Yes. Does it mean my hope is in Him? Yes.

Does it mean I get my own hands out of the way?

Hmm… that’s a little bit more difficult.

I can keep my conscious mind under control with this pretty well… choosing deliberately and repeatedly to leave everything up to the Lord… to trust that He loves me and will work everything out for my good and His glory.

However, it’s the subconscious mind that is not really listening to me when I’m trying to sleep at 3 am and that part of my brain continues to troubleshoot, look for answers, figure out the solution to the problem.

So again I put it back in God’s hands. At 3 am. And 4 am and every hour on the hour that I wake up worrying, trying not to worry, trying not to control.

Because in reality, whoever has it in hand has it in their control. Right? Under control.

Once again today I choose to give each one of those pesky unsolved problems back to God. I wrestled in the night, trying to get my hands on it… I give it back. Right now and every time that I think about it today.


I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker every Friday and we write intensely for 5 minutes. Find us/Join us here: Five Minute Friday.

Accidental Sabbatical … all about Hope!

Will it be just a vacation or an Accidental Sabbatical?

Are you unemployed or do you know anyone who is?

Millions of us have been thrown into an Accidental Sabbatical due to unemployment. We find ourselves on this journey for many different reasons – in my case, as a trailing spouse. Some people have been casualties of downsizing or rightsizing or corporate politics. Still others have been left behind in a divorce, or widowed. Some have even been forced into retirement long before they would have chosen it.

There is no ‘how to’ manual for being unemployed, there is no scientific formula for a job search. However there are definitely things you can do to improve your life, meet new people, and enjoy the journey. It may not have been your choice, but it is a sabbatical after all.

Maintaining hope is the toughest part of the assignment for me, so when I heard Kay Warren speak about her Hope Box, I created one for myself, filling up index cards with scriptures and inspirational thoughts and keeping them in a small box labeled ‘Hope’. These surprising gifts sustain me daily and cover many areas… among them: hope, perseverance, change, significance, provision.

This book offers hope and inspiration, ideas and resources gathered from the lessons learned during my Accidental Sabbatical. The goal is to encourage and help us all survive and thrive as we figure out how to be, where to belong and what to do.

As you read, you may find that your sabbatical might not be so accidental after all.

** Priced to be affordable for everyone! Available on Amazon.com: Buy the Paperback and get the Kindle version for 99 cents!