Five Minute Friday: Grateful

I have just discovered Five Minute Friday from a blogger friend Rebecca and there is no coincidence in that timing.

Today’s word is ‘grateful’.

I am grateful for a sobering reminder yesterday… that life is short and I must intentionally keep in touch with friends that I love, and I don’t mean a 5 word Facebook post or a ‘like’ on someone’s status. I mean a personal and intentional communication… an email, a letter, a card, a text, or a phone call if time zones allow.

I am grateful for dear friends and family, however with everyone now spread all over the world, and life busier than ever for all of us, personal communication tends to get lost in the shuffle.

Yesterday I discovered that a friend of ours passed away unexpectedly in January of this year, and no one notified us. We hadn’t connected since the holidays last year and had been texting and calling for the last couple of weeks with no response. So I googled. Sure enough the obit from his little town newspaper popped up. Four months too late.

So to my busy friends and family, today I will reach out and let you know I love you. And that I think about you often and pray for you whenever I do.

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Grateful

  1. So true. It’s easy to let things slide, thinking that we’ll get to it tomorrow. Then it becomes the next day, then the next day, until it’s been much too long. Thank you for this reminder!

  2. Hi Shari, thank you for visiting my blog. Gratitude is a powerful tool for achieving wonderful things because appreciation for what you already have aligns your thoughts and actions with positive thought and positive action for the future, allowing you to spot every promising opportunity that comes your way. Gratitude is a great habit to get into! xx

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