Themes in the puzzle.

The cover seems to be pulling back and I am beginning to see what is beneath it. Even as I see the themes revealing themselves, the picture is becoming clear, like a jigsaw puzzle where finally some of the pieces fit together.

This week the themes have included better health; new people, potential friends, colleagues or clients. Then a friend invested an afternoon over coffee, to tell me how I had also written her story in my book and that she had felt release with it.

Stakeholder Theory and Conscious Capitalism, being taught in the New Models of Business in Society class (on where Dr. Freeman assures us that companies care about ‘purpose, not profits’. Next week he has asked us to think about how we could implement these ideals by starting a company or as employees.

Simultaneously, in my other Coursera class, Irrational Behavior, Dr. Ariely teaches this week that everyone lies. Everyone. And that we make our decisions based on emotion, whether or not we realize it. But that with this knowledge, we can improve our decision-making and better assess risk.

All week I have been pondering on Jodie Llewellyn’s blog on Building a Writer’s Platform as I have been trying to figure out my platform for weeks now. In the same way that Dr. Freeman teaches to drill down to your business purpose, my writing is my business now, and my purpose is the same as it was in the corporate world. To help people and solve problems.

In business, while managing customer relationships, I helped people solve problems, and find solutions.

Now as I write, in my first book, Released, my prayer is that I help women or men who are in abusive relationships to find answers and hope and release.

My new book-in-progress, Accidental Sabbatical, provides hope, help, resources, for men and women, seeking to survive and thrive while unemployed.

For many years now at the end of each Friday, I have emailed my boss with the week’s activity and my numbers. It was always about the numbers. So as the boss of me now, here is my report to me at the end of this week.

The pieces are coming together. Purpose. Platform. Problem-solving. Providing Solutions, Producing Results.

Jesus is alive!

Sunday has come!

“Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead! Remember what he told you back in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be betrayed into the hands of sinful men and be crucified, and that he would rise again on the third day.”
Luke 24:5-7

One Good Man

We are kindred spirits! I would love to share my book with you.

Clothed with Joy


Once I was naïve.

I thought I could tell if a man were good or bad, kind or mean.

But I was wrong.

I learned the hard way that a man is not always who he portrays himself to be. I learned the hard way that he could hit and slap, kick and shove, beat and rape, subject you to public humiliations and break your heart.

I learned the hard way that the one person in the entire world who is meant to love and protect you is the one person in the whole world that you need protection from.

Recently I was invited to the 60th birthday celebration of a dear family friend, a man I have known my whole life, a man I admire and respect. You know who you are. We were told, no gifts, just a card. As I sat to write my hand and…

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The Rules for Starting Over

Definitely! Appreciate the affirmations!
Best line: “Anyone who can make a decision can start anew!”

Lead Today

If this post didn’t contain a single word other than the title that would still pretty well sum up the rules for starting over.

There are no rules for starting over.

No requirements. No limitations. No reason you can’t. There is no right way or wrong way. There is just your way. You can start over whenever and however you want.

You may think you’re “too old” to begin again but consider these people who had the same thing said about them:

Andrea Bocelli didn’t start singing opera seriously until the age of 34. Some “experts” told him it was too late to begin.

Phyllis Diller became a comedian at the age of 37. She was told by many club owners that she was “too old” to become a success.

Julia Child didn’t even learn to cook until she was almost 40 and didn’t launch her popular show until she…

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Not Much is Gonna Happen if You Just Stay Home

Where will you go tomorrow?

Clothed with Joy

I really just wanted to lie down on Saturday afternoon.

Yet, I had an open window from 2PM, when I dropped off two children at a birthday party, until 5PM when I needed to pick them up.

Drive into the City and meet Culture Monk/Kenneth Justice who was visiting Philadelphia on his Drinking in the Culture Tour or not? That was the question.

It’s weird, isn’t it? To walk into a coffee house with a 10 and 5 year old at your side to meet a person that you only know through reading his blog? In fact, I wasn’t even sure what he looked like, between the coffee cup and the baseball cap all I could decipher from his profile picture were bright blue eyes. I should just stay home and rest, I thought, meeting this random person has got to be weird.

Thankfully, Weird and me are old buddies. Weird said, if you…

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Final day: 99 cent promotion – Released.

Today is the final day for the special 99 cent Kindle sale on my book:
Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage.

Readers have said:
“It is a quick read. Not a lot of gory details.”
“A true testimony of being released from pain and abuse.”
“I hope any woman who is dealing with abuse and is questioning whether she can get away and make it on her own will read it and be inspired.”

Counting days.

Two more days for the special 99 cent Kindle sale on my book:
Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage.

Please help me share it with women who need to hear the story.

30 or so days until my new book comes out:
Accidental Sabbatical: Hope for Surviving & Thriving While Unemployed.

More about that in days to come…

107 more days until the long awaited vacation with the family!

And what about today?
What am I doing today that will matter in 5 years?

Especially if today might be all I have.

How about you?