Kindle Promotion: $0.99 or £0.99

My book, Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage, Kindle format will be available on for $0.99 or £0.99 for one week only beginning on Tuesday, April 1st through April 6th.

I’ll be honest – I have a difficult time marketing this book due to its intensely personal story, so here are a few of the Amazon reviews which you can find online:

5.0 out of 5 stars Honest and impactful, March 26, 2014



This review is from: Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage (Paperback)

An amazingly honest and scriptural look at the nature of abuse, its effect on everyone involved, and the healing that comes in Christ. As a pastor, I look forward to sharing this story with those in my congregation whose lives have been impacted by abuse.


5.0 out of 5 stars A story of true redemption, December 20, 2013



This review is from: Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage (Paperback)

The author does an excellent job of drawing you into her story. Her style of communication makes you feel as if you are sitting in her living room and having a conversation. I liked the honesty and personal stories of what was occurring in her mind as she explained the circumstances. The book moves you through the various phases of how women are lured, kept, and finally trapped by men who claim to love them. It moved me deeply and gave me great compassion for women who find themselves in this situation. It also showed a clear picture of divine rescue – one that you won’t easily forget.


5.0 out of 5 stars A Sad True Abuse Story Filled with Spiritual Hope and Triumph, November 7, 2013


Brian Godawa “godawa”

This review is from: Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage (Kindle Edition)

I am a man. But even though this book is in the genre of women’s stories of abuse, I loved it. It was absorbing. It read like a page turning thriller. And it’s true, which makes it touch the soul like fiction cannot. I designed the book cover so I was only going to read enough of it to get an idea for the design. But then I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in two nights. The author tells her true story of how she entered into an abusive marriage, struggled with her own internal doubts, and survived that abuse with spiritual victory. Her writing is economic, yet vivid, like Hemingway. She captures the kind of human emotion and drama in a real life story that I crave in all my reading. I found myself fearing for her in hostile moments, laughing at the irony she would point out in the middle of pain, tearing up for her suffering, and feeling joy in her triumph. Mark my words, this book is the debut of a writer who has a future. You will be seeing more of her as time goes on, because she knows how to write with honesty, clarity, and freshness. She knows how to tell a great story.


To anyone who reads it, I pray it is a blessing.




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