Haiti to Heartbreak Hill.

There are so many different requests for charitable donations from all over the world. I am always drawn to the missions that provide training for the future as well as critical need support, because they give a gift of dignity instead of mere dependence.

If you are looking for a trustworthy organization and a cause worth supporting, this is a good one.

Please check out this fundraiser for Heartline Ministries:

“Heartline Ministries includes:
* Women’s Education Center – cooking, sewing, literacy, and art classes
* Maternity Center – labor and delivery services plus pre-natal and postpartum care, early childhood development classes
* Men’s Discipleship program/Bakery – Biblical training and instruction coupled with vocational training
* Guest House – a home for travellers and visitors to Port au Prince”

“Heartline Ministries is not simply a collection of programs though…
The mission is to intentionally walk alongside impoverished men, women, and children in Haiti, meeting critical physical, emotional, financial, educational, and most importantly – spiritual needs.”

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Haiti yet but I hope to one day. In the meantime I visit vicariously through the blogs of both the Livesay family and the McHouls.

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