Everything you will do in this year will come from what you do every day. Your year is made up of days. ~ Chris Brogan

After years of keeping secrets, big or little, it is so difficult for me to put it out there. They were not necessarily ‘bad’ secrets. Simply privacy within a preacher’s family. Or confidentiality required for client projects. Or keeping quiet about the public company lest you would accidentally spill some insider secret.

I’ve had years of practice in keeping quiet. Not so many yet in being daring.

Brene Brown in Daring Greatly writes about the courage to be vulnerable and how it will transform us. Daring is about walking into the unknown, out of the comfort zone and into a risk, without knowing what will happen.

Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill are holding Dare To Be events “designed to speak directly to the part of you that tends to shy away from stepping out into the unknown”. Somehow it makes me feel a little better knowing it’s not just me.

As this new year unfolds, every day it becomes a little bit easier to be bold and transparent.

Servant not Slave

Truth! Too many leaders are serving themselves and pretending that they understand how to serve those they lead. Dan Rockwell nails it in this post.

Leadership Freak

pour from your cup


Leaders serve. They aren’t slaves.

Slaves are owned, oppressed, and abused. Servant leadership has nothing to do with slavery.

Servant leadership:

  1. Servant leaders make life better for others. Influence is portional to the extent you improve life for others.

  2. Resentment and bitterness reveal self-serving leadership. Servant leaders serve freely and joyfully. Service is privilege and opportunity not oppression. Resentment indicates you didn’t get what you expected.

  3. Servant leaders experience freedom by giving themselves to others.

  4. Servant leaders seek the advantage of others without degrading themselves. Values, gifts, and self-respect guide servant leaders. You can’t walk on servant leaders. They are the strongest people I know. Servant leaders don’t violate their values or ethical standards – they serve them.

  5. Servant leaders place organizational interests above their own. The day you receive more value than you give is the day to find a new place of service. The question servant leaders…

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Day 5 on the Bridge of Discipline.

Most of what we do on a daily basis won’t matter in five minutes, much less five years. We do a lot that really doesn’t matter.
~ Pastor Rick Warren

Everything you will do in this year will come from what you do every day. Your year is made up of days…
~ Chris Brogan

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.
~ Jim Rohn

New Year’s goals, resolutions, 1 word, 3 words… they’re all great. We can achieve because we’ve written it down.

Planning is important, but without implementation, well, it becomes an annual exercise in futility that can harm more than it helps.

So these bits of wisdom are written on 3×5 index cards sitting on my desk and I’ll read them frequently until the thoughts rise up every morning by themselves.

And since I have 2 more books on my list to complete writing this year, I’m re-reading Anne Lamott’s outstanding book, Bird by Bird, reminding me that writing is accomplished one word at a time.

What are you going to do every day to stay on the bridge of discipline?

When it’s Not Home Anymore

Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past.
~ Henry Ward Beecher

Just visited family in both Chicago and Cedar Rapids for the holidays. It’s not home anymore.
And that’s ok. What is ‘home’ in both places now rests only in the hearts and lives of my loved ones who live there.

Referencing the quote above, on this first day of January, this woman is now girding herself once more, with my face to the front, with interest on things that are now and in the future.

In 2014, I pray that God provides … 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of good health, and 525,600 minutes of joy.
Happy new year all!