Comfort Zones.

So the dictionary definition of “comfort zone” is a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.

Comfortable. Confident. In control. No surprises.

I have always kept my personal life very private, careful of everything I say in any social media venue, and aware that I am speaking out to the entire world, whether or not anyone is paying attention. So it has been the greatest leap out of my comfort zone to open up my soul in my book, Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage. And following that first scary step is the next step of sharing with everyone that the book is out there. While I have had no difficulty marketing or selling services for all these years, I shrink away from talking about myself. And while it’s not all about me, it is after all a story about part of my life.

So… One. Foot. At. A. time. I will step out into this unknown which might not be comfortable, and where there might be unease or surprises, because it’s time.

Released is a true story of the grace and mercy of Jesus who sometimes releases us from at least some of the consequences of our bad choices, as He did in my life. I am confident in His love and protection and comfortable walking into the unknown.

I hope that the book finds the women and men readers who are still silently enduring what they might not even accept as abuse. If you know someone like that, will you please share it with them?

If you have ideas of shelters or programs that I could contact, will you please share that with me in the comments. Thank you!

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