3 Words

This morning alone I have read scanned a Psalm, scriptures in both NT and OT, no less than 35 emails, CNN, USA Today, a few job postings and at least five blogs. So far. It is too easy for the hours to slip away without any progress in my day.

Time to remember and recount, out loud, my three goals. We are in the 6th month of the year already, and the 3 words shaping my year fade unless I do so.

Chris Brogan writes every year about his three words to help focus his goals.

These are my three words for 2013: Reboot. Rewrite. Release.

Reboot. To reboot is to restart, clear out the cache, enable a renewed focus. Daily. Rebooting a business. Rebooting a career. Rebooting educational pursuits. Daily renewing focus on the here and now, and not what has past, what has been lost, or what could have been.

Rewrite. I’ve been rewriting a book for nearly a year now. Different than editing, this is a total rewrite from a personal memoir type of book that I wrote many years ago as a therapeutic exercise, and never published. Now I struggle to take this same sensitive story yet fictionalize it to improve the storyline and prepare it for publication. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, so even if something is true, it can be more believable and effective if presented as fiction.

For years I have sold and managed contracts that have a renewal date. Prior to that I sold training classes that have exact calendar dates. Rewriting without an imposed deadline is a huge challenge for me since my brain thinks in dates. Therefore, September 22nd is my deadline for initial completion; December 31st for publication. It has been on my list for a few years now, and this year it will be done.

Release. Let go of the book. Let the story out. Let the words do their work in someone’s life.

What is on your list for 2013? What 3 words help you focus?


About Shari Risoff

Shari Risoff is an author, editor and consultant based in Raleigh, NC, USA. She studied business and spent years building client relationships in the corporate world and is passionate about communicating. She is the author of two books, Released: A True Story of Escape from an Abusive Marriage and Accidental Sabbatical. She began to consult and write full time during her own accidental sabbatical. She writes, and edits books for other authors, as well as helping small business owners with infrastructure or communication or projects of many kinds. She is devoted to her husband Stephen. When she is not working on her new book, or hanging out with Stephen, she is reading books or studying human behavior. Readers or writers in need of an editor can get in touch via email: projectmavens @ risoff.com or follow her on Twitter @ShariRisoff.
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