Do. Or Be. Or Both.

I really do what I say I do in my Twitter profile.

I want to be cognizant of the things I do and intentionally choose to spend my time and energy doing things that make a difference. Maybe it won’t change the world, but instead will just help one person. Maybe it won’t change the direction of the universe for eternity, but instead might nudge the course of something I or someone else is doing, that will ultimately accomplish that goal.

Am I living a life God can bless? I pray I am. I strive to do that.

As usual though, I have been focusing on the ‘doing’ rather than just being. It is difficult for me to just be without doing in this current time of sabbatical in my life. Yet I’m convinced that’s part of the purpose of the sabbatical.

I’ve been doing a lot of different things, especially for the past three weeks. While they have been important, sometimes fun and with much learning, I’m just going to be for the rest of today.

That might be the one thing that really will matter for eternity.



So many things to learn, so little time.

Coursera is a new source for education describing itself as a “social entrepreneurship company that partners with top universities in the world” so that anyone in the world can take their courses online. Free.

On Monday I begin “Networked Life”, a new course in the Market and Social Systems Engineering Program at the University of Pennsylvania. I look forward to learning from Professor Michael Kearns. For those who want to learn, it’s out there to learn.

Derek Bok said “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.

John Dewey: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Even if you can’t go to school right now, for whatever reason, find something good to learn! It’s out there!